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Digital Marketing Executive

Graphic Designer

Web Developer


Job responsibilities

  • Create and develop advertising ideas
  • Write clear and persuasive copy for websites, brochures, ads, and other means of advertising
  • Research competitors and keeping abreast of market trends
  • Plan and implement social media campaigns and online PR
  • Working alongside digital strategic planner and design team

Job requirement

  • Fluent English
  • Have a passion for good writing
  • Be able to write clear, accurate and persuasive copy that can engage different audiences
  • Be fascinated by people, advertising and brands
  • Be able to apply creative thinking to business problems
  • Have great communication skills and be a team player
  • Understand the context that lies behind a client’s business and communications needs, and the key proposition and creative brief that is provided as the basis for their work
  • Understand the target audience and proposed media to be used in the campaign
  • Devise and develop original advertising and communications ideas that engage the target audience and address the client’s business problem


Job responsibilities

  • Review and analyse client sites for areas that need to improved, deleted, or revised
  • Create advanced SEO strategies and prepare detailed strategy reports
  • Improve a company’s organic search results
  • Strategize ways to improve and track site performance
  • Compile and present SEO performance report
  • Get backlinks from satellite websites to client’s website
  • Correct title and meta description
  • Further tasks relating to online marketing: Set ad account in Facebook campaign, follow the efficiency of Facebook Ads, SEO content optimization…
  • Evaluate product offering, traffic, landing page quality, content, design, security, payment options, shipping options, demographics of prospective customers when determining keywords and campaigns.
  • Consult with independent web designers to improve the navigation of a site to enhance its search engine ranking.
  • Being able to utilize basic programming and web design skills to enhance SEO is a plus.

Job requirement

  • Have a fascination with the internet and search engines
  • Be logical and methodical in your problem-solving
  • Have an interest in human behaviour and interaction with technology
  • Be able to simplify and convey complex data and the insights gathered from it
  • Have great communication skills
  • Be keen to work within a team
  • Be familiar with Google SEO support tools


Job responsibilities

  • Work in multimedia design projects: website, brand identity, and media/advertising material (promotional displays, packaging, marketing brochures, etc.)
  • Meet with clients to establish a vision for a product or design
  • Perform research on competitors and market trends
  • Collaborate with printers to select type of paper and ink
  • Submit rough drafts to client for approval
  • Make changes to mockups
  • Supervise assistants during product design

Job requirement

  • Have a natural artistic ability
  • Be fully fluent in image editing and design software
  • Create graphics that communicate an idea or promote a brand
  • Know how to compose an image to a professional standard
  • Be comfortable accepting client briefs
  • Be able to meet deadlines


Job responsibilities

  • Design computer-based, web-based, or multimedia-based layout, graphics, animation, video, sound and/or content for use in presentations, video productions, multimedia programs, web sites, CDs, DVDs, emails, and other electronic media
  • Create two-dimensional and three-dimensional images
  • Work with client to compile specifications
  • Concept and draw out story-line sketches
  • Assemble, typeset, scan and produce digital art
  • Secure illustrative materials
  • Develop layout design
  • Proofread and edit copy
  • Provide technical consultation
  • Contact vendors about products

Job requirement

  • Have an eye for design
  • Be comfortable negotiating and working with client briefs
  • Be able to meet deadlines
  • Market yourself to potential clients
  • Be fluent in motion graphics software packages
  • Work well under pressure whilst maintaining high standards
  • Able to communicate complex ideas effectively



Job responsibilities

  • Develop the company internal static page builder project
  • Participate in developing Website projects as required by the Company.
  • Report daily work to the team
  • Collaborate with the design department, content department, sales department and customer service department to handle design issues and ensure to meet the requirements with the highest quality

Job requirement

  • One year experience in the same role
  • Use proficiently HTML5, SASS, CSS3, jQuery/JS, PHP.
  • Knowledge about Richsnippet, Google page loading speed, other SEO on-page factors
  • Confidence with Adobe design software
  • Experience working with WordPress
  • Attention to detail
  • Highly professional, with the ability to deliver solid work on tight schedules
  • Ability to learn independently, willing to study and learn new technologies

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