What is SEO?

SEO ( Search engine optimization ) is the combination of actions to optimize a firm’s website performance so that it can stand on the top of search engine’s results ( such as Google, Bings,… ). In this tough competition era, every firms want to get as much customer as possible, and one of the most effective way to persuade customers coming to your firm is to help them acknowledge about you first. As many people have the tendency to search for their need on the Internet, the best way for firms to reach customers is to get their attention by staying in the top results of search engines ( Google, Bing,…). That is the pertinent point of conducting SEO.

How can SEO improve your business?

There are 2 main branches of SEO : SEO On page and SEO Off page that this topic covers.

SEO On page will mainly focus on the strategies directly applied on your websites to get your website rank higher in search engines’ results and to have more relevant traffic. To get your sites a high rank on any search engines, some criteria must be standardized including identify pertinent keywords, title, description, appropriate content language, content type, quality external and internal links, URL, fast page loading speed, web’s sitemap,… Once you have build a strong website with the above requirements, your rank in search engines will eventually be pushed up to the top of the results, which means your business will reach more and more potential customers.

Meanwhile, SEO Off page will concentrate on building backlink – link from other websites to your site or pages. These backlinks could be from other sites, forums, Facebook or Youtube. These links play an important role as an indication for search engines to evaluate the performance of one sites. The more valuable backlinks you have, the higher position you stands in the search engines’ results. There are 3 types of backlinks : natural links, manually built links and self-created links.

Building a SEO campaign sounds quite easy but it requires a huge effort and perseverance to build it steps by steps, days by days. That is how SEO firm was born and develop strongly in this digital marketing era nowadays.

Why do you need a SEO service company for your business ?

Search engine optimization company is the agency that help you to perform all of those above complicating task to get your business closer to every customers. Since this is a meticulous procedure requiring professional experience and deep understanding about SEO, it takes lots of time and effort to conduct, especially in start-up company scenario. For those new company, SEO is particularly necessary to get the initial customers when they are still young and have heaps to carry out apart from designing the layout, building links and content of a site. Eventually one of the best way to save time, effort and concurrently increase to efficiency of your business is to out-source this process to a SEO firm, who will be in charge of your desired positions in search engine’s results.