What is search engine optimization ?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of promotional methods that improve a website’s ranking in search engine results pages. is considered a field in search engine marketing through the search engine. SEO services are an extremely effective marketing solution for businesses. SEO marketing is a method of website promotion that helps increase traffic from potential customers that are used by many businesses to increase their competitiveness and sales.

Overview Proart's SEO services

Why should companies use SEO services?

Nowadays, along with the rushing development of search engines, Internet users searching for information with these tools are becoming more and more familiar. Therefore, if your website has high rankings on the search results pages, it will help your business a lot in reaching the potential market on the Internet.

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Proart’s SEO services

SEO Keywords

Features: A solution for some key keywords of the industry, business products and services of customers.

Benefits: Cost savings, high efficiency to attract purchase and enhance the brand name products and services that business want to focus on development.

Overall SEO

Features: A solution for the whole system of keywords covering the products / services business customers.


– Get steady traffic to your website.

– The keywords covered ensure products and services of the business always appear when the customer needs.

– Keywords up fast.

SEO Audit

Characteristics: The solution is to carry out a test, evaluate the overall status of a website, from which the implementation plan to ensure the objectives of the enterprise.


– Provides a holistic view for branding strategies through SEO methods.

– Enterprises take the initiative in managing.

– Capture the strategies, plans and competitors.

Benefits of doing SEO

Proart’s SEO services will help customers improve their rankings and gain access to the prestige of the website. Within the next three to six months, customers will see a significant change in visitor traffic and a 30% – 200% increase in website referrals through search engine optimization (SEO).

– Maximum cost and time savings.

– Website is optimized according to SEO standards.

– Website is the most comprehensive development.

– Traffic is steady and steady.

– Increase website conversion rate (visits coming from search engines often have higher conversion rates than access from other sources).

– Quick access to many new customers.

– High customer categorization. Target the right prospects.

– Increased brand identity. Confirm the orthodox and brand position

– Expansion of the market quickly.

– Increase revenue sustainably. Control your business effectively.